Our Mission

Our products are membrane grade and NSF certified.

CSP is dedicated to manufacture quality chloralkali products, delivered through superior customer service, and within stringent safety procedures.

Our Chloralkali process provides the fundamental blocks of chemicals that support many other processes and industries.

  • We deliver high purity, membrane quality chemicals.
  • We focus on safety, service, and innovation.

CSP manufactures high purity chemicals derived from membrane grade components:

  1. Sodium Hypochlorite: Commonly known as Bleach. Used for water treatment, cleaning and general disinfection.
  2. Sodium Hydroxide: Commonly known as Caustic Soda. Used for pH treatment, production of detergents, and many other chemical processes.
  3. Hydrochloric Acid: Commonly known as Muriatic Acid. Extensively used in the fracking business. Also used for effluent treatment and pH control.