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In accordance with the Occupational Safety and Health Act and the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), Title 29, Federal Code of Regulations Subpart E d 1910.38, Employee Emergency Plans & Fire Prevention Plans, mandates that employers establish an employee emergency plan in the event of a fire or other emergency. In addition, this plan also details specific training requirements, assigns responsibility for operation and maintenance duties to key personnel within the company to ensure the promulgation of the operational procedures in the event of an emergency.

Standard emergency response procedures and evacuation plans have been developed in the event of the following emergencies:
• Fire Emergency
• Medical Emergency
• Chemical Spill Emergencies
• Electrical Outages
• Bomb Threat
• Natural Disaster Emergencies
• Animal Threats


The provisions in this plan are applicable to all employees and visitors of the CSP facility located at 3910 Joliet St. Denver, CO, 80239 which is within a building housing an additional occupant, KIK at 3900 Joliet St. The EAP for KIK is under separate cover; however, the Fire / Hazardous Emergency Alarm systems are common. The majority of the KIK Area is separated from CSP by a 3 hour fire wall with the exception of a KIK hazardous materials area which is separated by a 1 hour fire wall.


The Plant Manager shall be responsible for calling the proper emergency personnel. In his/her absence, the Emergency Coordinator shall be responsible for the call.

Denver Fire Dept. 9-1-1
Ambulance Service 9-1-1
Denver Police Dept. 9-1-1
HAZMAT– SWS Environmental Services 1-877-742-4215
XCEL Energy (Electric Company) (800) 895-1999
Wortham and Sons (Insurance) 888-710-8045 or 713-346-1235